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    Thanks for your carpal tunnel input!

    Thanks to all for your very valuable carpal tunnel syndrome input. Some of you have recommended going to a recumbent. This might be a possibility, but my standing in my small old money community of Somerset, KY (pop. 12,000) would be even worse than it is now. The conservative people of Somerset (average age 82) already think I am out of my mind for riding a regular road bike around town. They all drive Lincolns and Caddys a half a block to the 7-11. Seeing me on a recumbent would probably give them a heart attack!
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    Well, bloody hell.... what is more important, your health or what your neighbourhood would think...

    Come on, be a man! You'll be the coolest dude in town! I've got a gazillion friends and acquaintances here in the NLs who own a recumbent and they are all trying to convert me as well..

    Unfortunately , i love mts and climbing mountains is about one of the things it is not very good at , or rather it is slow...

    Check them out, make sure to look at a couple of Dutch ones!

    Challenge is a very fine recumbent builder
    as well as Optima

    these are among the most popular stylish recumbents..

    and M5 is the standard for speed monsters AFAIK:

    I was quite captivated myself with the thought of a trike recumbent, like the Greenspeed recumbent:

    Go get one of these!!! I'd love to have a trike myself as soon as I live somewhere with a garage as a storage space rather than a cramped bedroom apartment with 3 bikes...
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