two weeks ago i took a deep scrape on
my kneecap, at the time, the ER doctor
said it was fine since it could bend and
support weight etc..

Yesterday i went for a very hard metric
century in 40 degree weather and wore
shorts since tights would have irritated the
skin wound. Well, that evenig and now,
the knee is swollen hugely and it hurts to bend
it at all. it cand support weight but it hurts if
i flex it at all.

My question is ....WTF? i didn't knowingly
hurt it in the ride, so why is it all swollen now??

It's sunday, and if it's still bad tomorrow i will
see a doctor, but in the meantime, i'm wondering
what happend to it?? somewhere i heard that riding
in the cold was bad for knees but i thought even that
was sort of a theory??