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    Fibular Head Pain

    Been a lurker here for a while...

    Did some searches for knee pain but not sure I found anything that fits close enough(except maybe biceps-femoris tendonits).
    Anyway, I have pain aruound the bony protrusion that seems to be the fibular head. It feels kind of tight or twinge when I ride and not that bad. However it is pretty darn sore the night afterwards and next day.

    I have SPDs for pedal system and am switching to Looks once my new shoes come in. I read that float might be an issue.

    I've been professionaly fit to the bike, had an MRI(negative), done research, etc. I'm a new rider with about 1100 mile under my belt since starting this ADDTICTION last August.

    It is getting warm and I want to ride. so if anyone has any advice, or knows a good ortho/sports mec doc in the Philadelphia, it'd be great!



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    locating a sports med physician who practices osteopathic manipulation might be to your benefit...or just an osteopathic physician who is adept at osteopathic manipulative treatments.

    this would be a D.O.

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