while pedaling today I got a twinge of pain in my hip where the pelvic and hip meet, at the front of the thigh. it got worse as I pedaled( no pressure, just spinning on flat ground). it feels like my hip needs to pop at the front is the best way I can describe it and it got progressively worse with each pedal stroke until it felt like I was going to hurl from the pain.
when I dismounted the bike it got a shooting pain so bad I fell over. I got myself up and limped for a bit and it seemed to subside. I tried again and after a few pedal strokes, same thing only I stopped and dismounted before it got as bad and walked a bit more. after a third attempt I just walked back to my truck. it hurts like crazy to climb steps now but while sitting , standing or walking it doesnt hurt.
I have ice on it now but am wondering if anyone has any advice as to what it may be and how to treat it.
it doesnt hurt in my crotch so Im not sure about the whole groin thing.
I am currently doing excersises to strengthen my knees due to bursitis(sp?) in both as well as stretches in the whole leg,hip,back areas and walk on concrete all day and am on the back side of a 13 day work week, am 42, have worked on concrete since 1983, weigh 195#, am 5-10 , and ride agressive XC mountain biking 2-5 days a week, eat pretty good, take vitamins, fish oil, glucosamine, electrolyte supplements and get enough rest( I think).
any help would be greatly appreciated.