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    Dealing with Minor Injuries

    Over the last few weeks, I've had some very minor injuries -- mostly just sore muscles and tendons, nothing that requires more than a bit of rest and ice.

    But I am a bit curious about two things, when handling minor issues.

    1) How should this affect my weekly riding? Let's say I'm normally riding around 100 miles a week and edging that up by 5% - 10% per week. When I've had a week or two with no more than 50 miles, but feel like I'm fully healed, should I go back to riding my previous distances?

    2) Is it my imagination, or does it take longer for these minor issues to heal when you've reached the venerable era of the mid-30's?

    3) Just out of curiosity, how do pros handle minor strains? If a pro has soreness in their achilles tendon that ordinarily would require a few days' rest, do they just ride through the pain, and hope it doesn't turn into something serious?

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    I am no pro, but I have been athletic for many years. I used to be a sprinter in HS and College. I also used to be chronically injuried, calf sprains, ankle sprains, shin splints, and stress fractures in my feet. Sometimes all at the same time. I never rested unless I was on crutches and unable to even walk. This resulted in me being in pain all of the time. Because I never allowed myself to recover, I merely accumulated injuries. Cycling is far less punishing than sprinting, but I now allow myself to full recover even from the most minor injuries. I would much rather sit for a week or spin lightly for a week than to endure months of injuries that just never seem to heal. By the way, I am 33, and I have noticed that it does take a wee bit longer to heal. Just three weeks ago I fell off my horse. I am still sore. When I was a teen, it never took more than two weeks to heal from such a fall.

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