As you may notice, I'm new in this forum. I cycle as much as possible, although not as much as many of the rest of you pros! ) I ride maybe 100 miles per week. I use cycling mainly to get in shape for other sports (such as hockey) without putting stress on my knees (as running does). Anyway, the more I cycle, the more I enjoy it and I would like to start going longer distances, but I have a question. I've been reading about the nutritional requirements for long distance cycling, so just for fun I spot-checked my diet. I am usually consuming under 1500 calories per day! Now I know that at 5'7" and 120lbs at my heaviest, I'm not going to need to eat huge amounts, but this seems low if I want to be an endurance cyclist... actually, it has me thinking about other sports too, but thats a different story. So anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about whether this is okay and if its not, what to do about it. (I am a pretty healthy eater but sometimes forget to eat, I really don't have a big appetite at all most of the time. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated!
(Also any advice on taking the bike and locking it up in areas where bikes often get stolen? I can't ride my bike to school because of this.)