so, i hope it's not really a "bad" knee, but i've noticed a feeling in the back right side of my right knee, sort of runs up and down if it gets worse.
it was pretty painful for the first time today after an hour of riding. i've been riding more the last couple of months than i had for awhile, but have taken it pretty easy working my way up...low gears, high cadence, if the hill is too big and long, i walk it, etc. i'm supposed to do a little touring in a month and oh how i want to not have to worry about this knee thing. i've read the other posts on knee problems, bike fit, seat adjustments etc. i'm determined to go touring in a month's time, and it will be low key at my own pace, but want to nip this in the bud. ice, motrin, stay off it for a week, acupunture? any suggestions welcome. thanks (p.s. i'm 29 if that matters)