I purchased a Magneto trainer yesterday and wanted to do a little review...

The unit is great. Easy to assemble and the components are top notch. The quick release locking mechanism to attach your bike works very well also, and accomodates just about any size frame. While riding on the trainer, it is pretty quiet. The feel is pretty realistic, with a tad more resistance than flat road performance. It kinda feels like flat road+lmoderate wind. The resistance is very linear though, and there is no need for adjustments. Changing gears makes it harder, which is nice, and realistic. I dotn think putting miles on the bike using this trainer is going to be hard. I also like the fact that it wont leak like a fluid!

I think this magneto unit is a great compromise between the fluid and magnetic. The only thing I dont like a whole lot about it is there is no flywheel, so it spins down really fast when not on the power. It gets pretty hot too.

The only other problem is my cats are pretty curious abotu it and want to touch the spinning wheel... bad kitty!

anyway... hope this helps!