I need advice in selecting a good virtual bike trainer. I like the idea of connecting to a PC and having a virtual biking program and statistics tracking so I can remain more interested and stick with it. I have a pretty good fluid trainer I bought from perfomance bike 2 years ago, and can use that as part of the setup if that is a good option.

So far as I can tell, my key choices are:

* Stationary bike such as Cycleops or Kettler connected to netathlon ($1,000 to $1,500)
* Gamebike ($350 or $1,200 for pro)
* Racermate Computrainer ($1,400)
* Tacx imagic t1900 ($650)
* Peak training system ($200 with Netathlon software using my trainer)
* Blackburn Motivator Lite ($50 connected to Netathlon using my trainer)

Any thoughts on which choice is best? I think Blackburn and Peak training setups won't be able to automatically adjust resistance based on the virtual program while others may be able to. I will be off crutches after achilles tendon repair surgery in ~4 weeks and want to prepare my training setup.

Thanks a lot for any info.