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    Peak Wattage on 1 minute Computrainer

    Computrainer had a racing setup at the criterium today which I did after today's race. It measured average & peak watts for 1 minute.

    I know a 1 minute interval tells you nothing, but what surprised me is the software analysis showed a power output of 8.4 watts/kg, which put me in solid Cat 2 category. I laughed.

    I did almost win the cat 4 race this morning but have never really used any training tools of any sort. The guy running the computrainer said it was the highest numbers he saw that day but not many 1,2,3's were at the race yet. He also said it was pretty darn accurate.

    My results:
    Avg watts- 700
    Peak - 929

    So my question is, have any higher cat racers done a quick test like this and seen their sprinting numbers in this range?

    I think I need a powertap. I'd like to win some races.

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    Hey Masher, great job at the race and for the test... now I know why I can not keep you wheel at the finish!
    I went to the state race and it was a blast, crashes included! I was out of gas to keep me up front with 3 to go so I decided to stay safe. Bikes went flying and riders went down in the last lap, it was crazy, people were so aggressive, going back to PIR was like a walk in the park.
    See you soon powerhouse.

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