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    very tight calf muscle: lead to tear and/or Achilles injury?

    I tore my left calf muscle at the start of June. Looking back, I really wasn't stretching much for my rides (workout, touring, etc.). I would get home from rides and not even be able to squat down on my toes w/o the backs of my heal/calf cramping up a lot. Since I got out physical therapy a couple of weeks ago, I've been stretching a lot more often. My concern, though, is my right calf muscle. I'm right-handed and favor my right leg more. My right calf is a lot more stiff. I've been able to loosen it up a bit over the past week, but sometimes it "tingles" in the same location where I tore my left calf (soleus / gastrocnemius tie-in), or I feel my Achilles being stretched a lot. My Achilles is not sore when I squeeze it, so I don't think I have tendonitis. I do have many rice-sized nodules running all the way my Achilles into my calf. I don't have those on my left side, except right where I tore my calf.

    Anyone else have very tight calf muscle? How'd you stretch it out? Did you end up tearing a muscle or injurying your Achilles tendon?

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    I strained/ tore my calf muscle in mid June. After weeks of physical therapy, I'm just now starting to run again.

    Here are a few exercises my PT has me doing that I think have helped a lot:

    1. SLOW, EASY calf stretch leaning against the wall. Hold it for at least 30 seconds on each side with the knee straight and then bent.

    2. Calf raises on the stair. Go up with both feet and then down slowly on one. 15 raises per side, a 45 second rest and do it again.

    3. Bend over with knees locked and touch the floor. Then walk your hands out until you're stretched out. Then walk your hands back to your feet.

    4. Toe taps. Stand with all of your weight on one leg but try to stand as straight as you can. Then tap the foot on the nonweightbearing side 20 times. You want to flex as much as you can (toes coming up toward you) and then tap your foot down snappily.

    The PT also did a lot of massage on my leg that was painful at the time but now feels great. It got rid of all of those little knots. He recommended "The Stick" or other self massage aid. I've been using The Stick. It really helps after a workout.

    I hope this gives you a few ideas.

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