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    re: Chocolate Milk

    I agree that Chocolate Milk
    tastes great and that it would
    be a good recovery drink.

    I sort of ran into trouble with
    it today though as I bought
    2 containers of Hersey's CoCo
    powder and have been putting
    MAXIMUM amounts of it in my
    whey protein smoothies as I used
    to do that in my weightloss phase
    and there are virtually no calories
    in it.

    But there is 108 mg of Theophylline
    in each tablespoon of Hersey's CoCo
    powder and that stuff is prescribed
    medication for asthma. It enlarges
    the Bronchia in the Lungs and promotes
    the expulsion of phlegm and I have really
    been hacking up some loogies lately.

    I suspect it might impact my performance
    a bit during exertion on the bike too, but
    I can't swear to it.

    Anyway... since you guys have been praising
    the benefits of Chocolate milk I just wanted
    you all to know that it contains a prescription
    drug and if you drank a quart of the stuff
    you'd probably get about 200 mg of theophylline.

    Theophylline poisoning or side effects occur
    at about 450 mg or more. But even lesser
    amounts can give you upset stomach. In high
    doses, theophylline can cause seizures and death.

    I may discontinue using the stuff as soon as the
    2nd container runs out.
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    Actually, cocoa contains theobromine - a similar, but different chemical. Both of these are related to caffeine. The Hershey website confirms that Hershey's cocoa contains 108 mg of theobromine per teaspoon.

    Although theobromine is very toxic to dogs, it is much less so to humans. The lowest reported toxicity level reported for theobromine is 26 mg/kg of body weight. So, for a 150 lb (68 kg) human, the LOWEST toxicity level is 1772 mg (over 16 teaspoons). There is no LD50 level (dosage at which 50% lethality occurs) available. I suspect this is mainly because theobromine toxicity in humans is quite rare.

    Theophylline is actually found in black and green teas. So, perhaps one should watch one's intake of them.

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