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    Training Advice Needed - Running + Cycling

    This year I have done 2 5k runs (finished each in about 22 1/2 minutes) and 1 mtb race (placed 2nd in Beginner Men 30-35). During the summer, my running was rather limited (average 1 run of about 3 1/2 miles per week). I'd ride on average 3 times per week (off road whenever possible). Nothing structured. Over the past winter, I kept in shape by spending time on the treadmill and doing Tae Bo tape workouts.

    My goals for next summer are as follows:
    • Run a 5k in under 20 minutes (would like to get down into the 17 minute range if possible)
    • Finish the CRIM 10 mile race next August
    • Be competative in Sport class mtb racing

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can structure an off/early season training plan to accomplish this. My initial thought is to take a triathelon training plan and just substitute some other activity (or additional running or cycling) in place of the swimming. At my disposal I have a treadmill and a trainer.

    Lastly, what is the best way to add weightlifting into the mix?


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    I don't have scientific facts, but I can tell you what works for me. I do my strength training in blocks. This year, April/Maywere my strength phase. I maximized my strength training and maintained my aerobic capacity and slowly build my base. So run/bike at L1/L2 for 30-60 mins at a time. June/July/Aug/ were aerobic build phases and conversion of strength gains into real useable strength. So started short intervals once every 10 days building to two interval sessions in Sept.

    October will begin another strength phase while distance drops a bit. November begins a ramp up in volume and distance again with interval sessions reaching three a week in December.

    So far it seems to work. I've reached new fitness heights every few months!

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