As some of you may know, I had some significant personal issues earlier this year and my mind had created this incredible fat demon-monkey that was riding my back. Normally, it would probably have been kept under control through work and so on but, given that I’m currently unemployed and doing very long rides, it was becoming a problem after over 6000 km. I know that this will sound dramatic but I could feel my soul becoming more warped/corrupted as each day went by.

I’m normally pretty upbeat, well, serious but still upbeat! And, this demon-monkey was going to turn me into a bitter and vindictive old man. Admittedly, I can be vindictive but I was hoping to leave out the bitter part.

Earlier yesterday, my sis had sent over a link to a send-up of the Grease soundtrack and the song “You’re the One That I Want” stuck in my mind. I had even listened to it on that Sky.FM online radio station so I sort of knew the lyrics. It’s a happy and light song and I played it over and over in my mind as I rode along on a short 53 km training ride. The demon-monkey was there as always but if I made an effort to switch over to the song I could push it aside.

I felt so good that I was soon racing dump trucks and hippo tour buses (the dump truck won but I beat the hippo bus), talking to owners of Bostons, and cutting off traffic. I used to love playing in traffic zipping around gridlocked vehicles and today was the first time in a long time that I felt like doing that. I guess I gave off such a good vibe because other people were even smiling and waving as I zipped by.

Yeah, maybe I’ll buy that “Grease” soundtrack.

P.S. Here's the link to "Greaserbabies"