I had surgery on my right shoulder on August 2nd for a SLAP tear (tendon was pulling off bone, the surgery involved putting 2 anchors into the bone and then suture the tendon to the anchors.) I just started riding again last Thursday (man, did I get out of shape despite my walking around a track) and other than conditioning my riding has not been too negatively affected. My problem is that despite shoulder exercises, I have almost no lateral movement to my right arm. This was not a problem before the surgery, my problem then was reaching up, throwing and almost zero strength when, for example, I hang my bike in the garage. I told my surgeon and I have an appointment to see him next week and hopefully start PT but I'm concerned that the tendon is too taught to loosen. I get a very sharp pain when I try to move my arm to the right.

Has anyone else had this surgery and was this a problem? My surgeon's nurse seemed concerned which makes me think this is not normal. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks