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    Special Bike for winter indoor training?

    hey all. I just bought a new Giant OCR C3 in may and I rode it like heck all summer. loved it, and am feeling great. However, I want to put it away for the winter and train indoors here in upstate NY. I have a mountain bike which I was planning to use as an indoor trainer with slicks and a cycleops fluid2 trainer.

    my question is: Will using my REAL bike (OCR C3) really put that much wear and tear on the parts? Is the tradeoff worth it since I will be riding a different bike with different geometry, etc, that isnt even a road bike? I plan on using the road shoes and speedplay pedals all winter for my knee health.

    should I consider just using my road bike indoor all winter? I kind of want to put it in storage to keep it fresh. Am I nuts about babying the CF bike? Please let me know what you think.

    Syracuse, NY
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    I have my OCR 3 on my trainer all year round ... it's my trainer bicycle.

    But mine isn't carbon.

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