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    Time Change Adjustment

    I was reading this article on NPR's website, and came across a blurb that has been nagging me. I don't really plan to change my routine on Monday, beyond using it to try and normalize an earlier bedtime, but I was wondering if anyone knew the basis for this claim?

    On Monday, prepare yourself a high-protein breakfast. Thanks to another body clock trick, those extra calories you consume early in the day won't stay with you, Monk says.

    Anyways, without knowing anything about the science behind the claim, I'm naturally a bit skeptical.

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    Well, in the article they(Monk) don't quote any specific literature so it is hard to say. But, generally speaking don't try to get your scientific education from the popular news. It is all fluff.

    Even if there is a study that shows a statistically significant difference in calorie expenditure, how can it be any different from oversleeping by an hour or some other similar event that happens to us many times over throughout the year?

    Not to mention, the statment doesn't make any sense. The first part mentions a high protein breakfast, while the latter part mentions calories. High protein doesn't necessarily mean high calories. An egg is high protein, but only 70 calories. You could easily eat many more calories with a pancake breakfast than you would with an omelet.
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