Hello! This is my first post. I'm not a cyclist by choice, but I'm starting to get into it. I'm a marathon runner who has had multiple serious running injuries since September. The only thing I can do is bike. I bike like a wild man. I mean 3-4 hours per day, everyday, no matter what. Since I live in IN. I can't get outside when the roads are bad because of stupid drivers. I can handle cold, but traffic and time limits me. I have to start at about 3;30 a.m. to get a good workout. I"m a school teacher and coach during the day. I've also been lifting weights. My goal is to get into tremendous shape. With that said, I can only ride on a trainer. I have enough fortitude to ride that for 2 hours straight. I'm doing interval workouts on it. I get tired and sweaty even though I ride in a sub freezing garage. I want to know how many calories I'm burning and how much of a benefit this is. Also, if any one knows of some killer trainer workouts let me know. I'd love to challenge myself even more.

Thanks, and I'll see you at the finish!