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    Riding on trainer with injured finger

    3 weeks ago I had surgery to remove a lump from the ring finger on my left hand. It's still sore (though better than a week ago) and swollen. I've had the arm/hand in a sling or at least raised against my chest for 3 weeks & haven't used it for much of anything. Have to wait another week to find out if it's something I should be worrying about, but decided today that I've had enough inactivity and as it's really cold here I'd rather ride my bike (road bike with drop handlebars) on my trainer in the basement than go for a walk.

    I managed to get the trainer & bike set up with only minor difficulty. Riding wasn't too terrible, but I had increased pain in the finger & just couldn't find a comfortable position on the bars. My left wrist also got tired/sore, probably as a result of doing nothing for 3 weeks. I also can't get a glove on my left hand but I think before I try again on the weekend I'll find an old pair of gloves and cut open the one finger opening to allow the damaged finger in. The finger is more sore now (1.5 hours after) than it was earlier today.

    Any suggestions? Just take more Advil before starting off?

    Ride with just my right hand on the bars? I tried it for a while but it was uncomfortable for more than a minute or so. Would raising/lowering the bars help?

    Ride sitting upright? That's possible but it doesn't feel like as much of a workout. If I do this should I leave my saddle where it is or raise/lower it?

    Other ideas welcome.


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    This may sound silly, but flip the bars.

    I don't know why you would even need to wear gloves while on the trainer, so just skip that.

    My guess on the finger hurting is that with the stenuous exercise you are pumping blood thru it much faster and harder than any other time since the surgery. Also it could be because you were leaning over and putting weight on the hand. You may be right on why your left wrist got sore or it could be that you are compensationg for the hurt finger by doing other positions that are not normal and thus causing a pain there.
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