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Thread: Low speed

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    Low speed

    Today, we have many appliances to work for us. Some of these have "low-speed" or "low power" settings, like hairdryers, microwave ovens, or refrigerators. This enables this equipment to operate at a partial energy output.

    But what if the dial got stuck and any of these devices could not operate at maximum power?

    What about people? Do we operate at "low-speed" by our habitual inactivity? Have we even known what it is like to operate at a higher power? Or is our dial "stuck" on low?

    I think it may be that a large portion of our population is so habitually sedentary, and have been all their lives, that they would not even know if they had this problem!

    Is ignorance bliss?

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    I sometimes operate at "low speed" when I get little or no sleep. The scary part is that I'm the only one who seems to notice when I'm at "low speed".

    "I am never going to flirt with idleness again" - Roy Keane
    "We invite everyone to question the entire culture we take for granted." - Manic Street Preachers.
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