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Thread: Trainer woes

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    Trainer woes

    I've been using the stationary trainer to get some time in during the really nasty cold in the past couple of days (too dark, black ice on the ground etc.) and am noticing a few odd things:

    -I am on a triple, and while I've heard about Q-factor and all that, it seems like the left side is closer to the bottom bracket than the right. Is there any way to balance out this space? It seems like it might be responsible for...

    the fact that I feel
    -an imbalance in how much work my left and right legs are getting in those trainer sessions. I'm trying to keep form as clean as possible, but my right leg (except for single leg grinding away) ends up more tired in different places than my left, and more sore in the following hour or two.

    I don't notice these effects on the road, the same way my perineum feels more mangled after a trainer session than I do after a much longer road session.

    Any reasons for this??

    Any sort of bolt-on widget for the pedal spindle to get an extra few millimeters of spacing for the left pedal so that I'm keeping myself balanced?

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    1) make sure the bike is level

    2) more single leg drills. One leg is stronger; the trainer is highlighting the difference...

    (quick IMHO)

    (edit) 3) spin drills at lower resistance focusing on circles might help smooth it out too

    (or rollers)

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