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Thread: Rest Days?

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    Rest Days?

    What do you guys do on your rest days? Currently I have Friday and Monday set aside as rest days, but have been filling them in with treadmill work, sometimes I just walk at 3.5-4mph with the incline set up to 6 to get me a little aerobic level going, but sometimes I pick it up and get my HR up into zone 4 or 5 for a while. Should I be totally vegging out on my off days or is it ok to run on those days? Maybe I should do some strength training at the gym rather than the cardio since I'm biking the other five days.
    What is your rest days like?

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    I always do my weight work after a bike ride. On Monday (rest day) I go hiking or snowshoeing, Z1. Friday in season I do Z1 on the rollers, maybe 45'. This time of year, I'll use the StairMill, Z2 on Friday. But it depends. If my legs feel dead on Friday, I'll take a real rest day. "They say" that most people don't go hard enough, or go easy enough. If you have no symptoms of overreaching, like high morning resting HR, maybe you don't need to rest. This time a year a little cross-training is a good idea, I think.

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