***Sorry. This is a double post. I originally posted it in Road Cycling, and then realized that this may be the more appropriate forum.***

The good news is that PowerAgent software for Power Tap power meter is available for Mac (specifically, my iMac intel core 2 duo). I just bought the USB cable for data transfer and am excited to start analyzing ride data to help my training!

The bad news is that configuring this setup is proving to be very "non-Mac" and unsuccessful.

I connected the cyclometer to the USB cradle; the computer said "host." I tried to "Configure Device" via the poweragent software but it did not recognize the USB/cyclometer ("No supported devices were found."). I went to the cycleops site and followed instructions to download USB drivers for Mac; still, "No supported devices...." There was something about a "Firmware device upgrade," which I then downloaded but could not get the software to actually upgrade it. Cycleops said it could take 3 attempts "or keep trying." The software kept saying that it couldn't upgrade the firmware due to "port already in use." I unplugged all USB peripherals with still no success. I even restarted Mac OS X in safe mode, tried to perform the firmware upgrade, and it said, "No available ports could be found." I'm at a loss.

Has anyone run into similar problems or have been able to make this work?