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Thread: crunchy knee

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    crunchy knee

    I'm having knee issues. One knee makes an interesting crunching noise when you bend it under pressure or pedal. Pain behind kneecap occasionally. The other knee starts out a little sore, but quickly becomes painful around the lower kneecap. Having an mri and xray done soon, but I'm interested in any opinions y'all might have.

    I'm going to try some glucosamine and chondroitin, though i think it's more quackery than medicine.

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    I can virtually guarantee I know nothing, but my own personal experience...

    Got pain in my knee (no need to get more specific, it was generalized pain below the kneecap) had a doc order an X-Ray, then an MRI, then tell me I 'might, possibly, sorta, kinda' have a miniscus tear, but he couldn't tell 'for certain' and then offer to go in and do some lookin' around.

    I passed, took a year off (I don't recommend this) and gained 100 lbs.

    Now, back down 89 lbs. and running 10k+s, and riding centuries again every other weekend.

    How? I busted my ass in the gym rebuilding my entire leg, took my core strength further than last time and have worked to keep good form constantly.

    The bad news: My knees still hurt like a mother occassionally. Motrin+2 shots of vodka and 8 hours of sleep seems to be the cure when it strikes. I also baby the **** out of them now. I rock climb for upper body work or swim only.

    Lower body includes working with a semi-pro running back that I know here twice a week making sure my hamstrings and quads get the workout of a lifetime. I also do yoga to keep flexibility and improve balance.

    Bottom line, I'd recommend something like that above over surgery, unless your damn certain it requires it. Get two opinions even.

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