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Thread: Slow Workout

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    Slow Workout

    I did something new this morning.

    I went into work a little late and had the opportunity to jump on my trainer for an hour.

    I kept my heart rate between 120 and 125 and my cadence at around 100 the entire hour and was amazed at how much I sweated!

    This heartrate is much lower than I usually keep it at on a regular ride.

    Even though I didn't ever feel fatigued, it was truely a great work out!

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    Ken Kifer (check his website) swears by the "slow and long" rides, favoring touring.

    I am trying to discipline myself to take slower rides on my trip home in the afternoon, for balance. It seems to make me fresher (and faster) the next morning. And it's rather nice to go slower, too.

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