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    I need a basic nutrition plan

    I need a plan for my long ride days.

    My long ride is 20 miles on my mtn. bike all on flat technical single track. Usually it takes me 1:45 or so for an avg. of 11.5-12mph.

    Currently I drink about 20 oz. of water before I leave and drink 2 large water bottles of water with a little Gatoraide powder thrown in. When I get home...Ummmmmm....well, I dont do much. I've tried the chocolate milk thing and I do feel good when I do it but its not always available.

    What would you suggest pre, during and post?

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    Here's a link on this forum:
    Distance 108 miles @ 12 mph = 9 hour ride

    There are many threads about this over on the Long Distance forum.

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