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    New Pain - and it hurts!!!

    OK, what have I done? I have a dull but painful ache from the tendon or ligament that is on the backside of my left knee, and on the inner side of the knee joint. The pain seems to be concentrated in the, for lack of better words "knee-pit" like "armpit", but behind my knee.

    I rode 25 miles easy on Saturday and 65 miles on Sunday fairly hard for me on varied terrain including several good hills. I noticed the pain getting aggravating around mile 35 or 50. The pain subsided on Monday because I didn't ride. Then tonight I went out and rode 18 miles and the pain returned within the first 5 miles. When I got home I iced it , but it still aches.

    One other thing to consider, is that I raised my seat about a half inch three weeks ago. I don't think this is the reason though since I rode a 50 miler in Delaware Three weeks ago with no pain, and then my weekly training rides with no pain as well.

    Anyone else had this problem? and will this deter my 100 miler in Tahoe on June 3rd?

    Thanks for any comment that will assist the condition or shed light on the problem.

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    Yep, that's it. Pain in front of knee - raise saddle. Pain in back of knee - lower saddle. 1/2" is a lot. You should be healed up by June. Put your saddle back down. Take 600mg ibuprofen each morning. Don't ride hard or very long for a week and see if the swelling and irritation starts to go away.

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