We cyclists are often extreme in our love for cycling. I know I am.
I have often pushed my personal limits, to find both the enjoyment of pressing my limits and the pain of overtraining. It's a balancing act.

What may be overtraining for one person might be old hat for another. So I don't compare myself to others, except when I want to see what I might achieve in the future. Yes, I'm human, and I feel the pain of being left in the dust. But I can't let that control me. It can only serve to encourage me in my efforts.

But cycling is not all there is to life. Cycling is great, but so are many other things in life. Cycling can improve my life and some of the other aspects of my life. But if it takes away from those things, I am getting unbalanced.

My life must be balanced for me to be truly happy.

Then again, balance is something I must determine honestly. If I took the word of non-cyclists for it, they would say I was already unbalanced. So even my balance needs balancing.