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    Training Question?

    Ok I have been riding for about 3 weeks now. I was wondering what I should focus on for training. I have been riding 20-30 miles around 17-18mph pace 5 days a week with the 6th day being a 10 mile TT that last saturday I averaged 21.1 mph. Today I rode 47.59 miles in 2:46.41 avg speed 17.1mph. My farthest ride until today was 30-32 miles. I did a paceline ride last night with the group and we averaged 15-17 mph, then me and another guy went and rode 12 more because I wanted to get 30 miles in for the day. We went quite a bit faster and there were hills, probably 18-19 mph. My goals are to race and try and make Cat 2. I have yet to actually race but I really really want to. Cat 5 or any races for that matter are few and far in between around here. I have to drive at least 2.5-3 hours to get in a race. But hopefully I will be soon. My plan is to work on riding with people and to work on my endurance first and speed secondary. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocMatt
    Today I rode 47.59 miles in 2:46.41 avg speed 17.1mph.
    You already have plenty of endurance, work speed. Start with longer intervals like 2x20min then make them harder and shorter overtime.

    approx. eg 2x20min --> 3x5min --> 5x3min --> 12x1min

    Get a coach if you want to go as far as cat2.

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