I searched and the only reference I found was in a general thread on supplements and no one addressed it directly (the OP just listed it along with a bunch of others).

If you aren't familiar with it, it's basically a liquid multivitamin. Like many supplements, their testimonials are excessively outlandish, but it doesn't seem quite as sketchy as some.

I'm primarily interested in:
1) If YOU took it and had good effects.
2) If YOU took it and had bad/no effects.
3) I'd love to hear it compared with other supplements that you've tried as well.

I'm NOT interested in:
* "My wife's brother took it" (I want firsthand experiences)
* "That's a pyramid marketing scheme so it's gotta be junk" (I know it's a pyramid and I've got a healthy dose of skepticism)
* "It doesn't look different from any other multivitamin" (opinion, no matter how well informed, that is based on reading claims / web sites / etc).