Ok, *sigh*.........here is my injury report from this past saturday the 23rd of June, 2007:

I'm new to running and I was eager to prove myself. And I wanted to see if I could make the distance. Click on the link to take a look at a .pdf of the Rockaway Gateway Greenway bike path of Brooklyn (technically Queens also).

Rockaway Gateway Greenway Path............

I know I know....for a beginner I don't think I should have done it and to make it even worse....I messed up. How? Well like an idiot I picked that day to test out new running gear. I bought what I thought were cool high tech socks the Injinji toe socks. They were supposed to make running more comfortable but instead created more pressure points than what I was used to.
I'm an idiot you say?
How can you blame me? The ad for the socks was in a running magazine and they seemed so high tech and cool I just had to try em. Also, I bought some silicone insoles designed to help with ball of foot pain. Why did I buy those? Well I run using the forefoot striking method so naturally I thought a product that helps with ball of foot pain would make running...better. The silicone ended up creating a lot of friction.

So after TWENTY PLUS MILES of running I ended up with some blisters and what seems to be an infected toenail. As well as muscle and foot pains. I think I've learned the hardway that until I'm actually ready for a marathon, 10 miles of running is my limit for a training event.
I'm going to try to see a podiatrist this week.

Can someone now please commence with the I-told-u-sos, and the "you idiot!" and whatnot as is customary at this time?
Plus, and I'm serious here, can someone recommend a good podatrist in the new york city area (preferrably one that is familiar with sports medicine and running injuries).

Thanks everyone!