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    Healing & Exercise


    I posted a while back regarding a knee injury. I was off my bike for a couple months, but in the past two weeks I've starting taking short tentative rides, mostly pain-free. I should be back in the saddle in a more serious way shortly

    Anyhow, I was wondering...

    I noticed that for about 4 weeks, my knee did not get better at all. I was doing the exercises prescribed by my PT and giving it plenty of ice and rest and all that, but no avail. Cycling is pretty much the only real physical activity I was involved in, and being off the bike was pretty depressing...

    After about four weeks, I started doing other exercises along with the boring old leg lifts.. push-ups, sit-ups.. I bought a chin-up bar and started using it. In other words, I had basically started a very short little work-out routine. I found that very shortly after I started exercising the rest of my body, my knee started healing more quickly.

    Is this purely coincidental, or does exercising all of your body cause muscle and tissue to grow everywhere that it's needed?

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    Resistance exercise can increase the levels of certain hormones involved in recovery. (Test, HGH, IGF, etc)

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