Here is an interesting review article on high protein diets.

I wanted to post this in the Atkins diet thread but I did not want to have to take a side in a complex issue, such as nutrition, with my limited knowledge.

I did not get to look at the reference material used so I don't know how far it has been stretched, and it only seems to scratch the surface of the issue, but it is only a review.

I find looking at it in relation to an article quoted in an earlier post, [An insulin index of foods: the insulin demand generated by 1000-kJ portions of common foods. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1997):1264.] makes for some interesting reading on the subject of nutrition for the athlete as well as the weekend warrior, and the possible implication of its manipulation.

Unfortunately the article is too big to post as an attachment, and the abstract does not say much about the research results. It is interesting that we do have some small idea of how to control our hormones through diet to benefit us during exercise, and to reach certain goals.