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    AMP consumption>> Possible health effects?

    I am a mountain biker that always drinks a can of AMP before I ride, for awareness... And who doesn't like the mandarin orange taste?

    Anyways, I was told by my friend that this may have some long term effect on my digestive tract or something? I think it's bull, but I figured I would check with someone who knows.

    If it IS bad for me, then can anyone suggest an alternate, more healthy energy source?

    And by the way guys, please keep the sarcasm out of this thread. I am looking for answers, not jokes.

    I already get lots of sleep and eat a good diet, so that is not a concern. I am 15 and 120 lbs (5'7"), so I am obviously trying to develop good habits early in life. I can't stand coffee and tea makes me tired.

    Anyways, I would appriciate some good input on this one.


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    Have a stop at your local health food store. They should carry a variety of healthier drinks. A company called Steaz has a green tea/acai/guarana drink that is good. Twinlab has one too in an orange can. Don't know much about AMP, but avoid sodas for the sugar/fake sweeteners.

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