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    Spinning Bikes which to buy?

    I'm looking at purchasing a spinning bike.
    Was trying to find some help from fellow cycling enthusiasts.
    Anyone have any thoughts on which is better; the Johnny G Spinner Pro or the Cycleops?


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    edit: Ok between the ones you listed, the Johnny G one is better by a longshot
    but... my informed opinion....(I have tried and owned a few)

    honestly, 'none of the above' of what you listed.
    these machines I mention below are quite better overall
    and more durable/sturdy

    Lemond RevMaster

    the best for a cyclist.

    *the most silent one you can buy

    belt drive, huge flywheel with leather brake

    you lube the leather brake with 3-in-1 oil and
    you have incredible power modulation

    the next best is a Star-Trac V-bike, which is what the RevMaster is based on,
    same basic flywheel design but it has a chain drive. also silent if you pile grease on the enclosed chain

    then there are the 'other brands' but nothing, I repeat, nothing, feels as close to cycling
    as the flywheel and leather flywheel-edge brake of the RevMaster or V-bike. that type
    of load resistance design, when kept damp with 3-in-1 oil, is freaking top quality

    both have micro adjust for everything, so you get a perfect fit. they both weigh a ton.
    but will last forever and are super sturdy and easy to modulate and all that jazz....
    this V-bike here at 450 bucks is your best bet

    I paid 650 for mine, which was down from 1000, and I felt I got a huge bargain. this was 5 years ago

    I also added a cheapo cat-eye cadence meter to mine, 15 bucks. it comes with a bottle cage
    on the right hand fork

    compare with a revmaster

    you see it is the same flywheel/brake system, but the lemond has a belt (for silence)
    and mo fancy paint and handlebars

    star trac makes the Johnny G spinner, but I do not feel the braking/flywheel is as good as the revmaster/v-bike type
    plus, if you can find v-bikes, people seem to be selling them cheap since that is not longer 'current' and sellers seem
    to be trying to unload them. why pay more for what is essentially 100lbs of non-rolling stock ?
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