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    Over Use Injury?

    i posted over in the road forum, but go no love. apparently they are all too hard core to sustain injuries .

    my leg hurts..

    i think it is an IT Band issue. however, it is not really messing with my knee, so it could not be? the pain is on the outside of the left leg. a nice constant burning pain. it hurts more on the upper part of the leg then the lower. it really burns when i am sitting.

    seems like a classic case of an over use injury to the IT Band. likely explained by all the damn running i did last year. i rested most of December. i ice it. i stretch it. i talk to it. BUT it still burns and still limits my activities. even rides on the trainer cause it to flare up.

    what gives?


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    Seems odd. As far as I remember IT band problems normally cause pain at the knee and at the hip insertion, not along the side of the leg. Time, rest, ice and NSAIDs should have taken care of most minor problems, might be time to see a doc for a pt referral.

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