I've been getting PT for tight IT band in right leg since May 2007.

The physical therapist strongly recommended that I see an orthopedist, and I discovered that I have arthritis in the articular cartilage of right knee. I had 10% of meniscus removed and abrasion arthroplasty in arthroscopic surgery July 25th.

I have been doing the home exercises and going to PT twice a week since August. I still have pain right where the IT band attaches at the lower end, right below knee. IT band on right leg is still tight.

The orthopedist recommends IT Band release surgery. My physical therapist got more aggressive 2 weeks ago, and I'm in a bit less pain now, but still in pain. I have exercises to strengthen hamstrings, quads, hip adductors, hip flexors and extenders, and gluteus medius. I do stretches for the piriformis, hamstrings, quads, and IT band. I started using foam roller on IT band 2 weeks ago. PT is doing massage and stretching, but not deep tissue massage. I am still sleeping with polar care icing unit, and icing at least once during daytime.

My overuse problems are on the right leg because left leg was amputated below knee 30+ years ago after a traffic accident. I hopped for years when not wearing my prosthesis, back before anyone knew that it caused knee arthritis.

Has anyone had surgery for their IT Band problem? Are there any treatments for IT band that I am missing here?
thanks, Esther