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View Poll Results: Should Training & Nutrition have an FAQ thread?

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    This forum needs a sticky FAQ thread

    This may have been considered before, and dropped. If so, my apologies.

    (FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions)

    Seems like in this thread, there are a lot of questions where part of the answer is "Koffee posted a description once" or words to that effect. Things that come to mind are finding your lactic threshold, the Krebs cycle, heart rate monitor usage... I dunno, seems like there are a bunch.

    So I was wondering if the moderators of this forum could start a sticky thread that stays at the top, kind of like barnett's in the mechanics thread. There are already several posts that could probably be extracted pretty much as is, and posted. Maybe a little editting would be necessary so they could stand alone.

    People knowledgeable in such matters (Koffee, cbhungry, rwtd, pat, and others) would probably be the main contributors. There may be articles or topics that people would like to nominate for the FAQ thread (moderators and the writer would have final say, I guess). And there would be some issues that might need to be worked out, like what would qualify, resolving disagreements on details, etc. Obviously, those posters amenable to the idea... if not

    So, I thought I'd throw that out there and see what people thought. I think I know how the vote will go... if you think this is a thinly veiled attempt to apply peer pressure, well, what can I say?

    Other suggestions or input are welcome
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    If there's a book or something we can recommend (like the Bartlett's Manual), I could see it. Otherwise, what may be cool is the search feature for these topics, which should be up and running as soon as the new software gets here and installed!

    An FAQ sticky with so many topics stuck under one FAQ could get long and cumbersome- I could see it getting out of control as we add in new post after new post... The search function will work, believe me. And it never hurts to have the questions re-asked anyway, in my opinion. I like being able to re-post out answers on similar topics, because I don't get enough of a chance to visit that kind of information otherwise.

    Good suggestion, though.


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    Oops, not only that, but also, I don't always necessarily agree with some of what other people say, other than Cbhungry, and I'm loathe to see some crackpot diets and/or exercise promoted as a FAQ too... that has me REALLY concerned.


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