Has anyone tried this supplement? I started using this about 1 month ago and it appears to be helping me with a lot of my aches and pains. I have had a frozen shoulder for about 6 months and now my shoulder is really freeing up and the pain is going away. I know that the shoulder could just be getting better on its own but my aches and pains over all have really decreased. This stuff is supposed to help remove plaque from blood vessels and have other health benefits. I am concerned that there may be some bad side effects but I have searched and could not find any problems associated with the stuff. I will be going to my doctor for a checkup in a month or so and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I wont have any organ damage. I had a calcium scan done about a year ago so after I take this for a few more months I think that I will have another calcium scan done so that I can see if my calcium buildup has gone down any.