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    Need help developing a training routine for the winter.

    Here's the deal. I'm a paramedic and want to take part in the annual bike ride in this link My schedule is odd, but I figure I can get a fair amount of riding in per week. Using the schedule I'm about to provide, what's the best way to be able to handle this week? I currently have not ridden more than 100 KM on the road, and have done 75 miles on a trainer. Here's my schedule

    2 Day Shifts: Can do a little in the morning before work and some after as well.

    2 Night Shifts: Can do a ride during the day before the first night shift. Don't want the ride to be more than I can easily handle since I may be up all night. After last week, a metric would be the most I would consider, especially considering time anyway. Don't like to do anything in between the night shifts.

    4 Days Off: First day off starts the morning I finish the second night shift. Worthless to try anything that day usually since I am usually very tired. Second day off I'm still recovering a little, but an easy ride wouldn't be out of the question. Thirda and Fourth day off I usually feel very strong and will ride both days. This week I'm hoping to do a metric on both days. We'll see if the weather allows that.

    I have a trainer and videos. I also emailed my bike club to see if there was people who would help me accomplish this goal.

    Thanks in advance for your time in this, it really does mean a lot to me because this is a huge goal for me.

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    Hi Sebring-

    Good of you to think about training for an event so early on. I believe with a smart training plan, you'll be well ready for that ride come May.

    Actually, I just saw this thread for the first time about a minute ago, and it's getting pretty late here, but I think I may be able to help you through a plan. I strong periodization program will put you in shape to do this ride by May, and probably even do an even longer ride too! No problem.

    I'm on the busy side until about October 15th, then I have a window of about 15 days. If you give me some time, I can write you up a detailed 6 month plan that gets you to the point to where you'll be more than ready for the challenge.

    Drop me a PM on October 16, then we'll have to talk one on one in person so I can get a more detailed idea about your lifestyle. We'll include a nutritional talk, as well as a talk on resistance training too.


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