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    Hip pain, clip-on aerobars

    For the last month or so, I've been making a greater effort to ride in the aero position on my indoor trainer to better prepare myself for the TT season to come. For the past two years I've been like a fish out of water when put in a situation where I need to be on the bars for 25 minutes or more and I decided that this year I'd be more comfortable.

    The thing is, I make use of clip-on aero bars (got a TT rig on order) and unless I'm mistaken, the position in which my current setup places me is responsible for a dull ache in both of my hips. It is my thought that because my hips are further back (relative to a dedicated TT bike) and further behind my bottom bracket I am putting undue stress on my hips while tucked. Does this sound possible?

    I have another thought... I've suspected that my seat might be a little too low. It's definitely lower than my primary bike (not the dedicated indoor rig on which I torture myself daily), but for all I know, my outdoor bike's seat might be too high. This is very frustrating.

    Could any of these two issues account for hip pain? I'll definitely get a computerized fit on my main ride soon. But does it make any sense at all to be fitted on a bike on which you ride in an aero position when it wasn't designed to be ridden in such a posture?

    I know I'm raising a lot of questions here. But I'm banking on the possibility that there might be someone that has encountered one or more of these questions. Thanks in advance!
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