Anyone else use PGX fiber for either appetite control, fiber in general, health reasons, ect.?
A friend had great things to say about it, so I thought it would be beneficial for controling my appetite during meals. I finally picked it up the night the Giants were playing the Patriots during the season finale, whenever day that was. Anyways, I didn't take it often and forgot about it until I revamped my diet recently. Today I took 4 capsules 10 minutes before meal and drank about 16oz of water. The breakfast included tuna w/ mayo, a peach and banana...and I was happy to say that it took 5 and half hours for me to experience the faintest notch of appetite. PGX stands for polyglycoplex and I believe it to be much more superior to other fibers including psyllium husks. It's worth checking out for anyone who may need fiber.