I've been riding for about a year - averaged about 100mi./week last summer until I herniated a disc in my lower back. I didn't ride much between September and February while my back was recovering and winter was in full force. For about the past 6 weeks, I've been doing non-specific workouts (3-5/week for about 80-120 weekly miles), getting my base miles in and making sure my back is with me (it is) before taking it up a notch. I'm around 600 base miles since mid February, and am ready to begin intervals and more specific training, as I've got several centuries lined up between May-Sept. (Most of which feature between 8-10K feet of climbing)... Unfortunately, I'm gonna be back in snow country this week for spring break and not riding (but will be snowboarding for a few days...). The first ride I've got circled is the Shasta Jamboree on May 4, to get ready for TUC (10, 000 ft. climbing) on May 10. I can ride 100 miles right now on the flats no problem; but it's the climbing that I'm concerned will crush the back and legs. I'm going to keep up on my core program for my back, but should I also be crushing sets of squats and working on my explosiveness, or will I be fine with a week of rest with just 4-5 weeks till event day?