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    Spinning music question

    I've been spinning for a few months and I love it. Sometimes the music is great and sometimes it isn't but that's to be expected. Last week we had a guest instructor subbing for a regular and her music was excellent. In particular she had one very long song that had a heavy percussion beat and every minute or so you'd hear a locomotive approaching from afar, getting louder and louder as it neared and then roaring past. The idea was to pedal at a normal (80-85 rpm) until you heard the train and then sprint to get out of the way. I know that this sounds weird but it was a really fun and effective workout. I asked about the music and she hemmed and hawed about not remembering who gave it to her. (I think she was being proprietary.)

    Has anyone ever heard this music? Anyone know what it's called, the artist and/or where it can be found to purchase?

    Thank you.

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    Tha Breeze
    Uhhh, never heard of it but see if you can get back in touch with her to ask or you can try google.

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