Well i stupidly posted this in the general discussion Which i shouldnt have so i think ive finnaly found where i should ask this question

im new to this forum but have experince with other forums, i used the search bar to try to find some information about cycle speedway.

The new season is just getting underway and i wanted to ask you all for some ideas for training for it. I have my traning nites to work on the tatics and such but i was more looking towards like weights and cardo excersises i could do.

just to expalin about cycle speedway. Alot of the work is done from the gate. You need an agressive gate and need to be first into the bend, then its 4 flat out laps arround a 70-90 meter circuit. You also need to keep strong as contact is frequent and ofern nessecarry. apoligies if you already know all of this but i thought id tell you any way.

i would love to hear your thoughts of what i could do to make give me an advatage and how i could train thanks