Hi all,

I have found this website very interesting and informative. Now for me to get people's thoughts for a question I have been mulling over.

I am looking for a training indoor bike. I cannot quite decide which direction to go with my purchase. I have narrowed it to:

1: An upright excercise bike, possibly the Diamondback 600u

2: A spinner, possibly the Shwinn IC Pro or Revmaster or Star Trac V-bike

My question is what are people's thoughts on the pros and cons on either direction and then product suggestions?

My thoughts are that the upright has the advantage of the pre-programmed computer and fitness monitoring and a slightly cheaper price. The spinner will provide a better training experience and will be more durable.

Oh before I forget, I am not a competitive rider. I have participated in a couple triatholons for my pleasure and as a personal challenge. I hope to continue with it and I am looking to improve my cardio and overall fitness in general.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the feedback. Thanks in advance.