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    Pulled muscle: metric tomorrow?

    I forget my age sometimes...

    I did intervals after work on Friday, and it felt good. It felt great. So this morning (Sat) I go to the tennis courts to play. My right leg feels tight, but no biggie. Then I sprint for a shot cross court, and next thing I know, I'm limping. Pulled a muscle high on my right leg, in front. When I got in the passenger side of a car this afternoon, I couldn't lift my leg to get it in the car - had to pull it in with my hands!

    So I have a metric tomorrow. This Wednesday, I'm supposed to climb Mt. Diablo with a couple of girlfriends.

    How long do these kinds of things, pulled muscles, take to heal? Knock on wood, I've been injury free these last 4 years of cycling, save for a crash early on, skidding on gravel.

    I'm putting on Flexall and took an Advil.

    Grrrrrrr, the timing sucks.

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    Go see a Doc.
    Feel the Bern.

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