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    Trying to regain my fitness after an injury ...

    Hi!! I am new here. I am looking for advice on my program. Here's a bit of background: I am almost 34 and obese as well, I was able to do outdoor biking last summer from 10-16 miles per ride about 3-4x per week and was walking 5miles a day on the off days from the bike. I had shed 50#s from those activities and by doing some weight training.This past spring I sprained my ankles in a bad fall and was in the boots and unable to do much for several months.I also put about 40#s back on. I am trying to get the program back so by spring I can be in as good of shape as I was before the accident. I began to use my indoor bike at small amounts an donce the ankles were ready I increased to 5 miles per day snd now am up to 6 and sometimes 7... I am not walking and I 'know' that that is a big loss for my program but it is way too cold around here to be out there. I am curious if anyone can tell me if they think my stamina might be good enough to get back to the 5miles of walking once the weather warms a tad (by March I think) and if my biking outside will ever be as good as it was last year? That is has anyone ever had bad foot injuries that might have good info for me. Maybe I should by the peddle braces I've seen some outdoor riders use? ANy advice here would be greatly appreciated. TY.

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    you will get it back

    Hi Blazen
    I came back from a injury to my spine lost 70 pounds and it all started with walking, then on to the bike. I still have away to go about 30 pounds but it will happen. Try walking inside a mall if you are close to one. I live where the winter is long but if you dress for it it is not bad. Park the car at the far end of the lot it does not seem like much but it adds up. As you feel better stairs are great and you do not have to do alot to get some benefit. Braces can help but don't
    be come to reliant on them but they a good place to start. Hope this helps. Let us know how you do

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