I'm using Joel Friel's training bible (3rd edition). He has a speed skills exercise named "spin-ups", which you do on level ground or in a trainer and that has you (1) take one minute to reach your maximum non-bouncing cadence, (2) hold that cadence for "as long as possible", paying attention to good form, and (3) rest with 3 minutes of easy low-cadence pedaling (pp. 255 - 256). He advises you to do "several" of these spin-ups on the designated days.
I'm confused because his instructions seem to contain a double maximand. I don't know whether I ought to be maximizing non-bouncing cadence, or maximizing duration.

How do those of you who use his program interpret his instructions? Do you try to reach a non-bouncing cadence that you can hold for, say, 10 to 15 minutes? Do you try to reach a (probably much higher) cadence that you can hold for, say, 2 to 3 minutes? Do you do some of each?