Folks, I'm experiencing something a bit odd. I have a Cyclops Fluid 2 trainer that I was using to do 2X20 workouts earlier this year. Unfortunately this seems to cause hip flexor/groing muscle issues. I can ride outside with similar or greater intensity w/o any issues, but an hour on the trainer and I'm in agony. I also noticed that I just can't seem to keep the cadence up inside vs. riding outside. I'm pushing in the low 80's inside, but the mid 90's outside. The pedal motion seems somewhat unnatural inside; I feel as though I'm pulling up on my legs to a much greater extent in order to hit my power goals, and this causes the problems.

A couple of questions:

1) Has anybody else experienced this?
2) I'm thinking about switching to a trainer w/ a much larger flywheel (I.e. KK w/ an 18 pound flywheel). Would this be a much more road like sensation vs. the Fluid 2?

Thanks for any insight.